[aur-general] more orphans which could move from [community] to [unsupported]

Chris Brannon cmbrannon79 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 13:48:50 EDT 2010

These all need to be rebuilt for community-cleanup, but nothing depends
on them.

* cxxtest (last rebuild in February of 2006)
* hal-cups-utils (last rebuild in September of 2007)
* jump-project and jump-roadmatcher (last rebuild in November of 2006)
(jump-roadmatcher is the only thing
that depends on jump-project, and nothing depends on jump-roadmatcher.)
* libcgi (last rebuilt in June of 2006)
* liboop and nepim (These move as a unit.  nepim is the only package which
depends on liboop, and nothing depends on nepim).
* live-f1 (Package is also out-of-date.)
* magickthumbnail (last rebuild in October 2006)
* mime-editor (last rebuild in October 2006)

* pypanel
* python-certtool
* python-constraint
* python-mechanize
* python-pyparallel
* python-pyserial

*python-clientform (python-mechanize is the only package that depends on it.
If python-mechanize goes, this one can go too.)

-- Chris

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