[aur-general] First step to become a TU

Laurent Carlier lordheavym at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 17:47:31 EDT 2010

Le jeudi 24 juin 2010 22:03:29, Xavier Chantry a écrit :
> On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 11:04 AM, Laurent Carlier <lordheavym at gmail.com> 
> > I don't think a good packager is only an intensive user of the packages
> > he maintain, but got a good relationship between the package users and
> > the maintainers of the software, so be able to produce a good
> > feedback/bugreports for the software maintainers, and package users.
> What about improving gambas2 build system to better support split
> packages then ?
> I am referring to all the "## workaround for splitting" which seem to
> make that pkgbuild more complex and not so simple & stupid :)
> And please don't take this wrongly, I am simply curious to know
> whether there is room for improvements.

Gambas2 built system is really complex, providing custom macros to detect 
dependencies, custom installing system (a gambas2 component can be done in 
c/c++, gambas or mixed!).

The real problem is not the installation system, but the fact that a lot of 
parts of gambas need cross dependencies, and it's not really easy to package 
it with pacman, because all parts (splitted packages) are installed in a 
sandbox. The workaround i've done is only for this purpose, i install the 
needed dependencies to properly built the splitted package (part of another 
splitted package usually). The fact i've got a pretty good knowledge of the 
built system is a benefit.

As far as i know, other linux distros doesn't have such problems (i haven't 
looked too at other distros packages)

> I also think you would be a good addition to the team, having
> development skills is a big +.

Thanks :-p

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