[aur-general] TU resignation

bardo ilbardo at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 19:36:37 EST 2010

It's with great sadness that I feel the need to leave my position as a
Trusted User in Arch. In the last few months I haven't been able to
keep up with my duties, and I feel that resigning is the best thing I
can do at the moment, since real life is taking much more time than
there is in a day and I can't keep up with the high standards that
Arch deserves. I'd like to thank each and everyone at the Arch team,
this has been a fun ride and I learned a lot in these years. Hopefully
I'll be back contributing someday, maybe not in the same way, but
whatever. Surely I'll stick around, however, as much as my free time
allows me.

At the moment I own a few dozens of packages in [community], and since
I'd like to make the transition as smooth as possible, a little report
follows, I marked as OOD the ones which need to be updated, adopt the
ones you like. I hope this is helpful.

Take care,

= AVR packages =
The AVR family is badly in need of some love. The wonderful djgera did
all the grunt work (see
now someone just has to take these little guys and update them. As
with every toolchain, though, there's quite a bit to catch up with,
and a whole lot to learn. Not for the faint of heart.
 * avrdude (OOD)
 * avr-libc (OOD)
 * binutils-avr (OOD)
 * gcc-avr (OOD)

= PulseAudio & friends =
These are really popular and still hope to go in [extra], because a
lot of [extra] software could depend on them. The pulseaudio PKGBUILD
needs some time to become friends with, not mentioning the package
configuration, but if you stick to "stable" releases and refuse to
patch the hell out of it as its author does in RedHat, you'll be fine.
One open bug: http://bugs.archlinux.org/task/18527
 * pulseaudio
 * gstreamer0.10-pulse
 * libao-pulse
 * libasyncns
 * padevchooser
 * paman
 * paprefs
 * pavucontrol
 * pavumeter
 * rtkit
 * xmms-pulse

= Eclipse Plug-Ins =
Mostly low-maintenance packages, they usually just need a relbump
thanks to my super-unreadably-duper-perfectly-working PKGBUILDs.
 * eclipse-emf: needs to be ported to -any
 * eclipse-gef (OOD)
 * eclipse-mylyn (OOD)
 * eclipse-phpeclipse
 * eclipse-subclipse (OOD)
 * eclipse-ve

= {G,W}ammu =
A couple of programs to manage cell phones. Not always the easiest of
builds but it's been stable for quite some time now.
 * gammu
 * wammu

= Gmusicbrowser =
My favorite music player, a tricky PKGBUILD (read: do everything by
hand) but the developer is very friendly and helpful, and incredibly
fast to reply. Optdepends hell.
 * gmusicbrowser
 * flac123
 * perl-gstreamer
 * perl-gstreamer-interfaces (OOD)
 * perl-gtk2-mozembed

= Musepack =
Upstream releases are rare and not exactly packager-friendly.
* musepack-tools
* libcuefile
* libreplaygain

= Beast =
Hasn't seen a release in ages, but it returned active upstream a few
months ago. Usually needs patches.
 * beast
 * bse-alsa

= Other =
 * acerhk: small kernel module, i686-only, no new releases, hassle
free, just relbump
 * freemind: unvaluable mind-mapper, still waiting for the much
anticipated 0.9.0, which will most likely arrive with Godot. Easy.
 * gnormalize: how to kill the unix do-one-thing-n-do-it-well paradigm
in one shot. Optdepends hell #2
 * gourmet (OOD): a recipe manager. Not that I can cook.
 * mldonkey: a p2p app for the edonkey network, gave me a few head
scratches for the rc script.
 * opcion: a nice font viewer written in java, unmaintained but
working very well.
 * rss-glx: 3d screen-savers, usually gives a few problems with
.desktop files. See http://bugs.archlinux.org/task/18300
 * scite (OOD): small text editor with some nice features, could be
more friendly.
 * solfege (OOD): piece of cake! Frequent point releases, the
development branch is stable, but I don't remember why I switched to
it back in the day.
 * stress (OOD): small unix utility, clean and easy.
 * timidity-freepats: hasn't seen a release in ages and probably will
be around forever. Zero maintenance, nice to have in repos. Could be
ported to -any.
 * vlock: small unix utility, clean and easy.
 * wavegain: small util, optdepend for gnormalize
 * xsensors (OOD): X11 sensor viewing util

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