[aur-general] Deletion Request

Jeff Horelick jdhore1 at gmail.com
Sat May 29 17:37:41 EDT 2010

On 29 May 2010 00:52, Isaac Dupree <ml at isaac.cedarswampstudios.org> wrote:

> On 05/28/10 19:24, Jeff Horelick wrote:
>> Also, and this is less of an issue with Arch because things are updated
>> quickly and i was the package maintainer and i'm also an upstream atheme
>> developer, but most IRC stuff is volatile.
> I admit to be confused by this assertion... as far as I know, XChat for
> example is an incredibly stable and rather unchanging piece of software, and
> also I didn't realize there was possibility for there to be much innovation
> on the server side, let alone necessity (suggested by "volatile").  I'm
> curious!

Appears I mis-spoke a bit (as I mentioned, under the weather :P). Its more
that IRC Services (and to a lesser extent, IRCd's) are volatile. Let's say
you choose to run Freenode's IRCd, ircd-seven on your IRC network...Well,
for a bunch of the features to work, you'll need to run Atheme 4.0, if not
5.0. If you choose to run InspIRCd 1.2 (which is currently the recommended
version of inspircd), you'll need Atheme 5.0.

As far as IRCd's, I currently work on another project called ShadowIRCd and
if someone was running 6.0.0 which is only ~3 months old, i'd highly suggest
for them to upgrade to 6.0.1 or the 6.1 series. I know InspIRCd is similar
to this, as soon as they released their 1.2.0 version, the 1.1 series sort
of lost support.

Granted, this is only 2 or 3 cases and you can point at some pretty obvious
alternate cases like for IRCd's, stuff like charybdis and ratbox that only
release once every 6 months (if that) and there's no real need to upgrade
unless you want a specific new feature or something and there's UnrealIRCd
that's pretty much the same way but with an even longer release period.

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