[aur-general] [community] repository cleanup

Philipp Überbacher hollunder at lavabit.com
Tue Nov 16 16:08:08 CET 2010

Excerpts from Heiko Baums's message of 2010-11-16 12:48:03 +0100:
> Am Tue, 16 Nov 2010 12:12:23 +0100
> schrieb Andrea Scarpino <andrea at archlinux.org>:
> > Man you know that is a draft. I don't remember who wants to adopt
> > squashfs- tools now, but surely a TU want because it has been moved
> > to [community] recently.
> Man, you know that you have removed most of the packages from your
> "draft" from [extra].
> And I need to install three times as many packages from AUR as I needed
> three years ago just because they have been removed from the repos to
> AUR.
> And the repos of Arch Linux are pretty small compared to other distros
> anyway. That's always mentioned as disadvantage in reviews of Arch
> Linux. This is a bit compensated by AUR, but if you regularly move
> important or popular packages to AUR then Arch Linux will become a
> second Gentoo and for some people who want or need a binary distro
> unusable.

The problem with Arch becoming a second gentoo is that it would be a far
worse gentoo. AUR isn't exactly convenient. Sure there are helper
programs, but each one I tried buggy or lacking. I doubt maintaining
source packages in gentoo is as much a PITA as it is in Arch. It's less
a PITA in Arch than in binary distros, but still only really usable as
long as Arch is mainly a binary distro.

My point in short:
Arch is great as long most packages you need are binaries and only some
are from source.
If Arch requires you to build lots of packages from source it's the
worst of both worlds.

> And no, Arch Linux is not a distro from developers for developers
> anymore. This may have been in the beginning or Arch Linux but is not
> true anymore.
> Heiko

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