[aur-general] Name of python libraries

Rémy Oudompheng remy at archlinux.org
Wed Oct 20 05:34:33 EDT 2010

On 2010/10/19 Ray Rashif <schiv at archlinux.org> wrote:
> 2010/10/19 Clément Démoulins <clement at archivel.fr>:
>> Hi,
>> Since the default python interpreter is python 3, should we renamed
>> python 2 librairies: python2-* and python 3 libraries: python-* ?
> The consensus is that if these libraries do not work with python 3,
> they do not need to be renamed. Simply change their dependency from
> python to python2.
> However, if python 3 works, you can have 2 packages:
> python2-foobar
> python-foobar (or foobar if it's an app in its own right)

Do you think it is advisable to gradually add
provides=('python2-somename') to packages that are not renamed, so
that people then update their dependencies to 'python2-somename' ? It
would avoid big rebuilds when the name actually changes.


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