[aur-general] Question about bad applications

PyroPeter abi1789 at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 4 06:31:03 EDT 2010

On 09/01/2010 07:36 PM, PyroPeter wrote:
> I now managed to find the developers eMail-address and take a
> look on the code. what exactly is buggy about izulu?
> (Apart from beeing provided as deb-packet only)
> About your PKGBUILD:
> 1. Maintainer-comment missing
> 2. Not all depends listed:
> The deb depends on: wget, xmlstarlet, imagemagick, xml-twig-tools
> Suggested: libnotify-bin
> 3. Try to keep your PKGBUILDs readable (proper indention)
> Regards, PyroPeter

Izulu is now available as tarball[0].
With it comes a README containing the dependencies and the developers
e-mail-address for further questions. Your PKGBUILD is still not
indented properly, and the dependencies are incomplete.

Regards, PyroPeter

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