[aur-general] voting period: Brad Fanella

Peter Lewis pete at muddygoat.org
Sat Sep 4 15:57:32 EDT 2010

On Saturday 04 September 2010 at 17:59 Loui Chang wrote:
> > While we're on the subject of voting, what is the point of having both
> > "no" and "abstain" if they amount to exactly the same thing? It would
> > make more sense to simply have two options: "vote", which would mean
> > you feel confident that the person would make a good TU, and
> > "abstain", which would mean that you don't.
> I had thought this at one point, but they actually don't amount to the
> same thing. An abstain vote counts for quorum but it doesn't count
> against the majority.

Absolutely - "abstain" is not the same as "no" or "yes". It can have the 
effect of either, depending on how everyone else votes. It can basically be 
seen as meaning (though some would disagree), "I'm here, I'm paying attention, 
I think there should be a decision on this, but I don't have a strong view so 
am happy to go with the majority".

Put like that, it's quite different from voting "no" or just not bothering to 
vote. In more complex decisions however, it can also be construed as "I'm not 
happy with any of the options presented to me, but I want you to know I care 
about this." In some systems, a majority of "abstain" would cause people to go 
back and revisit the question.

> As long as quorum is met a proposal could pass
> with one yes vote, and all the rest abstains, but it could not pass with
> one yes vote and all the rest no votes.

Yep - or vice-versa.


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