[aur-general] voting period: Brad Fanella

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sun Sep 5 06:20:42 EDT 2010

Loui Chang wrote:

> I had thought this at one point, but they actually don't amount to the
> same thing. An abstain vote counts for quorum but it doesn't count
> against the majority. As long as quorum is met a proposal could pass
> with one yes vote, and all the rest abstains, but it could not pass with
> one yes vote and all the rest no votes.

Should a single "yes" vote really be enough to make someone a "trusted" user?

I understand the logic of the system but I think I would have opted for a
system based on a threshold of confidence. Of course, you could argue that
having the confidence of a single TU is enough.

Again, I'm not trying to change the system. I'm just discussing this for the
sake of the discussion.

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