[aur-general] Reflector

Peter Lewis plewis at aur.archlinux.org
Tue Apr 5 05:52:13 EDT 2011

On Mon, 04 Apr 2011, Oon-Ee Ng wrote:
> I'll correct myself then, gmail+pentadactyl does not like the
> combination of mailing lists I'm on. Some of them are badly configured
> (thankfully none of the Arch ones) and have to be used with
> reply-to-all, hence sometimes I press the wrong button, not
> remembering which list I'm on.
> When I was using Evolution it was easy, Ctrl-L (reply-to-list) did
> everything for me, but with web gmail there's no such button and I
> have to remember whether to reply/reply-all depending on the list.
> I'll try not to make the mistake again =).

Umm... then don't use it, then, in favour of a client that works?

Seriously though, I've never used GMail, but I see so many people on various
lists apologising for the way it handles email. Just don't do it, kids.


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