[aur-general] 2 recommendations needed for installing Arch Linux

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Dec 6 06:28:05 EST 2011

Hi :)

I'm new to the list.

Sorry that my mail is formatted in HTML. When I tied to restore the distro I used before from a backup for the billionth time, I made a mistake and accidentally deleted originals and backups from ext4 partitions.
Currently I'm even unable to boot any from my other Linux installs, so I'm using a Parted Magic live CD, resp. the web mailing thingy from my provider.

I'll switch to Arch Linux because for my needs, audio productions, it could be easier to keep it stable than it is for other distros.

I've got two questions.

1. What is a safe FS, that can be recovered? Ext4 seemingly isn't such a FS. The FS also should be usable for audio productions. Security regarding to multiple user usage, web access, server usage etc. are unimportant for a DAW.

2. For my main Linux I always prefer to use 64-bit architecture, but 32-bit architecture compatibility is needed. Is there something I should take care about when installing Arch Linux?



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