[aur-general] Christmas cleanup of [community]

Thomas Dziedzic gostrc at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 17:42:52 EST 2011

> With this freshly in mind, I hope there remains no doubt that this is
> the perfect date to gather up all the orphans for a big package
> cleanup.
> After the 13th of December (the 14th of December, then), we (TU's)
> will move all packages that are still orphans from [community] to
> unsupported (AUR). Maintaining [community] and unsupported are part of
> our mission. [10]

+1 I would really like to see [community] have no orphans.
Also, I do believe our current way of dealing with them is flawed, but
that's for another time
Do note that there have been efforts to do this in the past and have failed.

> For maintainers everywhere, giving extra care and attention to
> packages that are merely flagged is also looked upon with good favor,
> of course. That also goes for deleting or orphaning AUR packages that
> hasn't been working for a while (say, for the last 6 months).

This part might be a little hard to do.
We would have to do this as a community rather than just a TU project.

Overall, it's good to bring up these points.


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