[aur-general] poppler rebuilds will soon move - one buggy pkg in Community

Jelle van der Waa jelle at vdwaa.nl
Sat Feb 5 06:45:36 EST 2011

On Sat, 2011-02-05 at 10:32 +0100, Jakob Gruber wrote: 
> On 02/05/2011 10:08 AM, Andreas Radke wrote:
> > So far I only know of one broken pkg in community where a fix is
> > available: epdfview - https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/22734.
> >
> That fix you mentioned is already applied in the current package.
> I tried a couple of different patches a few days ago. The only thing 
> that "helped" was to build the latest svn version,
> with which epdfview still segfaults, but only while closing and not 
> while opening the application.
> I've emailed the author on Thursday (couldn't find a way to open a 
> ticket on their trac site) but haven't received a reply yet though.
> I'm kind of at a loss about what to do next. Right now, my only backup 
> plan is to update to the current svn revision (which, looking at the 
> commits since release 2 years ago, seems rather stable).
> By the way, evince also segfaults on application close with affected 
> pdfs for me, poppler bug?

I have seen evince segfault too on closing, what how does it affect your

Jelle van der Waa
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