[aur-general] Please help create package lib32-gobject-introspection

rafael ff1 rafael.f.f1 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 13:55:02 EST 2011

2011/2/9 Det <nimetonmaili at gmail.com>
> On 2/8/11, rafael ff1 <rafael.f.f1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> And hello to you too
> > I'm trying to build gobject-introspection for lib32 version for my Arch64,
> > but it is failing in the "configure" command saying that Python headers were
> > not found. This 32 bit library package seems to be dependecy (not sure,
> > though) for some lib32 packages (afaik "at-spi", "gconf", "polkit",
> > "gstreamer0.10").
> The 32-bit gobject-introspection would be a _make_ dependency
> ("makedepends=()"). That's why you won't see it in the regular
> "depends=()" sections.

I didn't think it was relevant to mention, but I'm already using it as

> > ( Sorry for the size of the email. I thought it would be good to add some
> > log messages and didn't know if attachment is allowed. PLEASE remove some
> > lines when reply!)
> Yeah, that's why we got pastebin: http://aur.pastebin.com/ - please
> use that one in the future :).
> > checking for headers required to compile python extensions... not found
> > configure: error: Python headers not found
> >     Aborting...
> > [...]
> > | #include <Python.h>
> > configure:13361: result: not found
> > configure:13363: error: Python headers not found
> > (...)
> You need 32-bit versions of gobject-introspection's dependencies too (lib32-):
> depends=('libffi>=3.0.9' 'glib2>=2.27.93' 'python2')
> makedepends=('cairo')
> ..and it seems "lib32-python2" doesn't even exist.

I'm also working on lib32-python2 without success. I'm able to build
it but some files are being stored in /usr/lib. I could do a 'sed' in
'Makefile' to move to correct place, but I'm worried that it is going
to /usr/lib because I failed to set one or more option to the

I uploaded to AUR lib32-python2 (lib32-gobject-introspection as well)
package using source binary (just temporarily) and installed it, but I
still can't compile lib32-gobject-introspection from source. I need
somehow set python's "script directory" and "extension module
directory" to lib32...

Any idea?

Here some links:
* http://aur.pastebin.com/xCPCmxR4  lib32-gobject-introspection PKGBUILD
* http://aur.pastebin.com/tYPWHz64   build attempt for
lib32-gobject-introspection (same old error msg)
* http://aur.pastebin.com/Ds3ErSTD    lib32-python2 PKGBUILD
* http://aur.pastebin.com/VdEisQpb     lib32-python2 build log (see
"skipping incompatible")
* tried to upload the package log, but it is too large :P
* http://aur.pastebin.com/m8EeXrgS    lib32-python2 files list (see /usr/lib)

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