[aur-general] AUR is no longer UTF-8?

keenerd keenerd at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 07:10:02 EST 2011

Yesterday the AUR went down.  Toofishes made a comments in #arch about
restarting the server.

Since this, encoding have been horribly broken.  Nothing is UTF8 any
more.  Here is a small list of broken pages:

zeitgeist, yamagi-quake2, gcc34, sendmail, l-seed, surl, open-sasc-ng,
splashy-full, biblatex-biber-git

These just have glitches in the comments.  Visit them with a browser
and you'll see � (block/question mark) everywhere.  Some packages also
have non-utf8 in the description.  Only one of these I've found is
arkanae3_2d but I'll have a better list before too long.


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