[aur-general] Ocaml Packages

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sat Jan 1 14:38:57 EST 2011

Thomas S Hatch wrote:

> I am looking at the state of the ArchLinux Ocaml packages. I am trying to
> update a number of them and I am trying to build a number of ocaml
> applications, but there are many incosistencies.
> The main problem is that there are ocaml packages that build with findlib
> and without findlib, and they place the development libs in different
> places. Also I have found a few packages that install libs in the findlib
> dir AND in the ocaml dir.
> The two directories are :
> findlib: /usr/lib/ocaml/site-lib
> non-findlib: /usr/lib/ocaml
> Other distributions with more developed ocaml support, such as fedora and
> Debian/Ubuntu have chosen to use findlib for all packages and they all
> install to the /usr/lib/ocaml dir.
> So I am proposing for discussion, that we look into repairing the ocaml
> packages to all use findlib and to install everything into /usr/lib/ocaml.
>  Then we can have some peace on the ocaml front and we can do away with the
> complications in the AUR with ocaml packages.
> I have adopted the ocaml-findlib package and a number of them have been
> orphaned, (which I am picking up) but I wanted to run this by the TUs and
> other AUR devs before I really considered revamping the ocaml landscape in
> the AUR.
> -Thanks
> -Thomas S Hatch

Standardizing the OCaml packages and bringing them in line with
other distributions would be good.

You should probably add a page to the wiki to document OCaml packaging
guidelines. Include a link to guidelines among the others on the packaging
standards page:

While searching for existing OCaml guidelines in the wiki I found the following
post, which may or may not be useful:


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