[aur-general] OCaml Findlib changes

Thomas S Hatch thatch45 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 00:23:40 EST 2011

Hello, I am the new ocaml findlib maintainer and I just letting the
maintainers of ocaml packages know that I have changed some of the behavior
of findlib to fix some issues.

These changes should not break your packages, but I am asking that the ocaml
package developers change their packages to reflect these changes, and I
just want them to be aware of them since it changes a lot of PKGBUILDs in
the long run.

The changes are small, but outlined in this wiki entry:

My hope is to clean up and standardize OCaml packages and make it as nice as
other language libs like haskell.

Thanks for your packages!

-Thomas S Hatch

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