[aur-general] GMPC packages, bundle and singular

Joel Heaton jheaton at archlinux.us
Sun Jan 2 09:50:12 EST 2011

Hi all, I just have a query about these, before I spend some time
adopting and updating a bunch of them. In AUR, there are two packages
that provide almost all of the GMPC plugins as far as I can see;
gmpc-plugins and gmpc-plugins-git:


There are a number of plugins packaged separately in the AUR as shown


Now, neither gmpc-plugins nor gmpc-plugins-git provide all of the
plugins listed, though they do cover most. Are the others okay to exist
in case people only want one or two rather than the whole package, or
should they be removed because they are provided by another package?

I'd just like to clear this up before I go ahead and do

Kind regards,

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