[aur-general] Stable (and obsolete) CrystalHD package in the AUR

Stijn Segers gotleenucks at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 12:10:09 EST 2011


Broadcom's CrystalHD drivers has two development trees online - an SVN one (maintained by Davilla,
an Xbmc developer), and a git one, which seems to have some of Broadcom's people on board. Davilla
periodically syncs with the git tree.

There is a package on the AUR simply called 'crystalhd' which points to the git tree in its package
info, but is in fact built from the original Broadcom release tarball [1], which, by now, is
obsolete, and hasn't been updated by its maintainer in quite a while, despite being flagged
out of date; there is a new tarball available from July 2010, which is out of data as well;
furthermore, the driver is included in staging.
I would like to upload a stable package based on the SVN tree (which has release tags), and think
simply naming 'crystalhd' - since it's a stable release tagged as such by the Xbmc developer -
would best, but I'm not sure. Calling it crystalhd-svn might be more appropriate, especially to
differentiate it from the crystalhd-git tree, but it might confuse people as well (e.g. a
crystalhd-svn-3.8.0-1-i686.tar.xz package looks kinda bizarre).

Either way, I think the package [1] can be safely deleted, so I would like to request that, and
have opinions on the best name for the new stable package based on the svn sources.



[1] http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=34193

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