[aur-general] Stable (and obsolete) CrystalHD package in the AUR

Dave Reisner d at falconindy.com
Sun Jan 16 12:58:27 EST 2011

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 06:10:09PM +0100, Stijn Segers wrote:
> Hello,
> Broadcom's CrystalHD drivers has two development trees online - an SVN one (maintained by Davilla,
> an Xbmc developer), and a git one, which seems to have some of Broadcom's people on board. Davilla
> periodically syncs with the git tree.
> There is a package on the AUR simply called 'crystalhd' which points to the git tree in its package
> info, but is in fact built from the original Broadcom release tarball [1], which, by now, is
> obsolete, and hasn't been updated by its maintainer in quite a while, despite being flagged
> out of date; there is a new tarball available from July 2010, which is out of data as well;
> furthermore, the driver is included in staging.
> I would like to upload a stable package based on the SVN tree (which has release tags), and think
> simply naming 'crystalhd' - since it's a stable release tagged as such by the Xbmc developer -
> would best, but I'm not sure. Calling it crystalhd-svn might be more appropriate, especially to
> differentiate it from the crystalhd-git tree, but it might confuse people as well (e.g. a
> crystalhd-svn-3.8.0-1-i686.tar.xz package looks kinda bizarre).
> Either way, I think the package [1] can be safely deleted, so I would like to request that, and
> have opinions on the best name for the new stable package based on the svn sources.
> Thanks
> B
> [1] http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=34193

I talked to Stijn on IRC, and here's my take on it:

- crystalhd: should be updated to use the latest official broadcom
  release, which is 20100703, available here:

  source: http://www.broadcom.com/docs/support/crystalhd/crystalhd_linux_20100703.zip

- crystalhd-git: should pull from the git tree and build the absolute
  latest from master. There is also an SVN tree, but it's not as up to
  date as the git tree. However, the git tree doesn't tag as often as
  the SVN repo.

  source: http://git.wilsonet.com/crystalhd.git/

- crystalhd-snapshot: should pull from the SVN repo, and build based on
  the latest tag.

  source: http://code.google.com/p/crystalhd-for-osx/source/list

  yes, the name is confusing, but it will build for linux as well.

However, since kernel26 provides crystalhd.ko, all these packages need
to install to /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/updates. Depending on the age of
the in-tree source, this may also mean that crystalhd is out of date and
should just be deleted.


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