[aur-general] Changing AUR development infrastructure.

Loui Chang louipc.ist at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 20:19:22 EST 2011

Recently I've had the idea that I should move the 'main' AUR git repo,
which I have been the caretaker of to the community server where all
other community and AUR development is done. This would also mean we
would have to run a git daemon, and should also install a web interface
like cgit to browse the repo. I'm hearing that there is some opposition
to this. I'd like to start a discussion to hear the reasons behind that.

Here are the reasons I have for moving the repo:
* The Trusted Users will have more control over the AUR development since
  it will be on their own server.
* We can use the new infrastructure to host other TU and community
* We don't need to create superfluous shell accounts on gerolde to
  for push access to those repos. Those accounts already exist on

The AUR and community development infrastructure used to all be hosted
on the main Arch Linux server, but we moved the community portion when a
new server was donated by sevenl.net. I think it makes a whole lot of
sense to also move the rest.


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