[aur-general] mtr-cli (was: TU Application - Seblu)

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Tue Jan 18 12:46:09 EST 2011

Why not keep it simple while providing the best of both worlds?

If the binaries conflict, rename the GTK one mtr-gtk, install the non-GTK
binary as mtr-cli, and provide a symlink to mtr-cli named mtr (or to mtr-gtk if
you want to preserve present behavior).

Double-compilation in the PKGBUILD might be ugly, but it's no uglier than a
split package and it has the same effect.

Of course I'm assuming that the compiled binaries are small enough to make
including both negligible.

Or split the package, but still install the binary for each with the
aforementioned names.

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