[aur-general] OK! changing a PKG's name and retaining votes/comments

member graysky graysky at archlinux.us
Fri Jul 22 07:35:16 EDT 2011

I started a thread with same subject less the "OK! " back in May and
am glad to see people saw some value in it to the point of modifying
the AUR!  Since the next version of the linux kernel is now released
and likely soon to enter [testing] under a new name, I need to use
this new feature to change the name of "kernel26-ck" in the AUR to
"whatever-tpowa-uses-ck" -- at the risk of exposing my naiveté on the
subject, I'll ask:

1) What is the SOP for people to request a namechange?
2) What is critically important to include the PKGBUILD?

My best-guess answers:
1) Upload the new PKGNAME as a new package and email a TU with the
old/new name or post to this mailing list.
2) Include a replaces statement in the PKGBUILD.  E.g.

Thanks for the thoughts!

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