[aur-general] OK! changing a PKG's name and retaining votes/comments

Ike Devolder ike.devolder at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 08:40:39 EDT 2011

Op 22-07-11 13:35, member graysky schreef:
> I started a thread with same subject less the "OK! " back in May and
> am glad to see people saw some value in it to the point of modifying
> the AUR!  Since the next version of the linux kernel is now released
> and likely soon to enter [testing] under a new name, I need to use
> this new feature to change the name of "kernel26-ck" in the AUR to
> "whatever-tpowa-uses-ck" -- at the risk of exposing my naiveté on the
> subject, I'll ask:
> 1) What is the SOP for people to request a namechange?
> 2) What is critically important to include the PKGBUILD?
> My best-guess answers:
> 1) Upload the new PKGNAME as a new package and email a TU with the
> old/new name or post to this mailing list.
> 2) Include a replaces statement in the PKGBUILD.  E.g.
> replaces=('old_PKG_name').
> Thanks for the thoughts!

I think it would be handy to use kernel instead of kernel26

more similar to the other distributions

red hat: kernel; kernel-smp
debian: linux-image
opensuse: kernel
ubuntu: linux-image
gentoo: sys-kernel (folder)

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