[aur-general] Store projects snapshots on sigurd

Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Sat Mar 26 20:05:36 EDT 2011

Hi TUs,
VCS PKGBUILDs in officials repositories should use a snapshot of the
project and shouldn't fetch the sources directly from git; neither the
snapshot tarball created by git (checksum changes every time).

In [extra], we already do that storing the snapshot at
ftp://ftp.archlinux.org/other/ .
This is useful when a project dead or when website is down too.

Then, we just set up ftp://ftp.archlinux.org/other/community/ , so our
TUs can store their snapshots.
Please fix your PKGBUILD to use it, but also please *do not* abuse of
it: few space left on sigurd.



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