[aur-general] My first PKGBUILD (ttf font)

jesse jaara jesse.jaara at gmail.com
Sun May 15 09:02:20 EDT 2011

2011/5/15 Ian Brunton <iandbrunton at gmail.com>

> This is my first attempt at creating a package. It's for a TTF font. I
> know it works, at least on my machine. I'd appreciate any feedback on
> whether I've put everything together correctly. Specifically, I'm unsure
> about how to handle the license; this font comes with a custom "freeware
> EULA" which is available on the original website and is included in the
> ZIP file; what would be the most correct way to specify the license in
> the PKGBUILD file?
> PKGBUILD and install file are attached.
> Thank you
> --
> Ian Brunton
> iandbrunton at gmail.com/home/cave-johnson/aur <iandbrunton at gmail.com>
> http://laygeek.wordpress.com

Set license as 'custom'
and then copy the license file to

Also yo should add "" around every statement that has pkgdir or srcdir in
This is due to that if user build build this package on a dir, wich name
a space example cp  command can become like
cp /home/cave-johnson/aur builds/../*ttf /home.../aur builds/pkg...
as you see this would copy file /home/cave-johnson/aur
builds/../*ttf and /home/cave-johnson/aur (2nd time XD)
to folder builds/pkg... and that not we want. so add "" so
that the space charter is treated as part of the filename and not as
for arguments.
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