[aur-general] Replacing nexuiz with xonotic

Sven-Hendrik Haase sh at lutzhaase.com
Fri Oct 21 12:30:17 EDT 2011

Pierre Schmitz <pierre at archlinux.de> wrote:

>Am 21.10.2011 15:57, schrieb Sergej Pupykin:
>> At Fri, 21 Oct 2011 10:43:12 -0300,
>> Ángel Velásquez <angvp at archlinux.org> wrote:
>>> And..  Sergej, please try to focus on the problem that brings having
>>> huge packages and add the fact if those huge packages won't be
>>> demanded it will be a waste of space + mirror bandwidth.
>> Is it really problem? I have no info about disk space and
>> bandwitdth problems.
>> If yes, we should define what does "huge" means. And should we apply
>> "huge" criteria only to games?
>Resources are always limited. There are disk space constraints on
>sigurd (which holds the AUR and community repo). You may add about 5 to
>10GB packages here. And don't forget that you also have to host the
>sources for e.g. GPL packages. Bandwidth for our main server is also
>very limited. But if those big packages don't get updated to often this
>is acceptable.
>Let's also not forget about our mirrors who will have to handle the
>increasing needs for disk space and especially bandwidth and traffic.
>Especially for those countries where these resources are not cheap.
>we were told that mirrors in South Amercia dropped Arch for these
>Long story short: I would ask the TUs to use their resources more
>responsible. Of course we can talk about increasing disk space etc. if
>really needed but this wont help for long if everybody thinks there
>no limitations. Maybe it would be wise to decide on an upper bound for
>the community repo size and to operate within this limitation.
>But this should be handled within the TU group; I just wanted to make
>aware of a potential problem.
>Pierre Schmitz, https://users.archlinux.de/~pierre

I was very aware of these limitations (and this exact issue has come up a few times in the past) and thus I asked for opinions on replacement on this list and didn't just blindly add the package. 

I also hoped we wouldn't have to discuss this again due to me wanting to either replace it or keep it like it is. I was not suggesting to have both packages. Things went a little off-topic here.

As it stands, it looks like xonotic devs would be a lot happier if I replaced nexuiz and eventually players would be too. AUR sounds like a fine place for nexuiz.

-- Sven-Hendrik

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