[aur-general] Duplicate version of blinks-darcs in the AUR

merp boop synthead1 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 16:27:28 EDT 2011

Hey all,

Before I sound like anything I'm not!

- I don't really care about politics
- I hate drama
- I try my best to conform to standards in contributed work
- I appreciate everyone that contributes to Arch
- I understand that one can become emotionally invested in their efforts

That being said, another user created a package in the AUR called
'blink', which is basically a copy of my package, 'blink-darcs'.  This
wouldn't cause any issues if 'blink' built from an archive of sources
and didn't use darcs to pull the sources, but that's not the case.
What's your opinion on this?  How should this be handled?


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