[aur-general] Dynamically evaluating md5sum value in PKGBUILD

chrislcenter-mamoru at yahoo.com.mx chrislcenter-mamoru at yahoo.com.mx
Thu Oct 27 12:01:51 EDT 2011

ok, how about this:
you create a bash script, run from cron every single day, and what it does is it downloads the latest tar.bz2, creates a pkgbuild (pretty much changing to the latest md5 and version number only) and install it on your system, then you manually try the package on your system.If everything works fine, then you upload it. you can make that your daily morning rutine or something and using scripts is not gonna be really time consuming or annoying.

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De: Maciej Sitarz <macieksitarz at wp.pl>
Asunto: Re: [aur-general] Dynamically evaluating md5sum value in PKGBUILD
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Fecha: jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011, 10:46

W dniu 27.10.2011 15:55, Peter Lewis pisze:
> Sounds like it might be a candidate to recast as a -vcs package, if upstream
> makes the contents of the tarball available over some vcs system...

Only tar.bz2 is available on the project website.

-- Maciej Sitarz

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