[aur-general] Dynamically evaluating md5sum value in PKGBUILD

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Thu Oct 27 13:19:15 EDT 2011

chrislcenter-mamoru at yahoo.com.mx wrote:

> ok, how about this:
> you create a bash script, run from cron every single day, and what it does is it downloads the latest tar.bz2, creates a pkgbuild (pretty much changing to the latest md5 and version number only) and install it on your system, then you manually try the package on your system.If everything works fine, then you upload it. you can make that your daily morning rutine or something and using scripts is not gonna be really time consuming or annoying.


Write a script to generate the PKGBUILD, make a source package, and upload it
to the AUR (you can use e.g. aurploader for the upload). You can then cron it
and forget about it.

Of course, the checksum might not mean much after that if no one inspects the
file, but it's only a wordlist so all the PKGBUILD should do is move it to the

You could also ask upstream to leave archives on the server for a month. They
can't take that much space, and I can't believe that the living language
changes so quickly that if you use yesterday's spelling you will be shunned by

* Yeah yeah, he's probably actively compiling the list by adding a few
  words every day, not changing what's already there. Still, the mental image
  of some irate Hungarian man screaming "No no no, yesterday's spellings are
  all wrong! UNACCEPTABLE! WE MUST DELETE THE ARCHIVES!" makes me smile.

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