[aur-general] Dynamically evaluating md5sum value in PKGBUILD

Maciej Sitarz macieksitarz at wp.pl
Thu Oct 27 17:15:49 EDT 2011

W dniu 27.10.2011 19:19, Xyne pisze:
> Write a script to generate the PKGBUILD, make a source package, and upload it
> to the AUR (you can use e.g. aurploader for the upload). You can then cron it
> and forget about it.
> Of course, the checksum might not mean much after that if no one inspects the
> file, but it's only a wordlist so all the PKGBUILD should do is move it to the
> pkgdir.

I could easily fully automate the process, but it's not the case. If it 
would be automated, then I wouldn't give any guarantee it even still works.
I think I'll use Fedora rawhide mirrored RPM source file as proposed in 
other emails.

> You could also ask upstream to leave archives on the server for a month. They
> can't take that much space, and I can't believe that the living language
> changes so quickly that if you use yesterday's spelling you will be shunned by
> everyone.*

I already asked upstream, there's no way they can keep more then the 
latest tarball. No idea why.

Maciej Sitarz

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