[aur-general] away

Nicola Bignami nicola at kernel-panic.no-ip.net
Wed Aug 1 13:10:54 EDT 2012

Il 01/08/2012 18:30, Ike Devolder ha scritto:
> Well then i'll drop the auto-updaters for community. but in general i find this
> very handy. i'll leave the scripts in the git repo for now but i'll drop the
> cronjob now.
> --Ike

Personally I think that your tool to automatically generate the updated 
packages is great and very handy. On the other side, I'm not willing to 
trust a package that has been generated automatically without any sort 
of control to be installed on my system (and I think I'm not the only 
one). The wrong thing IMHO is to automatically push the new package to 
the repo without any real test and check ("it builds" is not an answer).

I'm not a TU, but I think your tools could be used to prepare the new 
updated packages in a local pool, ready to be tested and checked and 
then *manually* fetched to the repo only if everything is fine.

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