[aur-general] Building polly-b-gone

alexander.r at gmx.com alexander.r at gmx.com
Thu Dec 6 07:30:44 EST 2012

> please comment on my hack to symlink libGLEW.so

Please do not do such thing. If binary version of package depends on 
outdated version of library, rebuild this package from source. If source 
version of package is incompatible with newer version of library, patch 
it or link it statically with older version of library.

> and on demonicmaniac's comment about adding -lGLU to
> LDFLAGS in the makefile. I searched google about -lGLU and understand
> that it would be needed for OpenGL usage. But the game builds and runs
> fine here without that flag, so why should I patch the makefile?

If it worked earlier, it should continue to work without additional 
hacks. If it is linked against GLU, add "glu" to package dependencies.

Use ldd to check, which libraries stuff is linked against.

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