[aur-general] A TU keeps removing harmless and relevant comments from my package's webpage

Alexander Rødseth rodseth at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 06:04:59 EST 2012


You guys only have half the story here.

Xavion has been really obnoxious:

- Saying things like "let me remind you that you're not a TU" to a
friendly comment from another user on AUR, suggesting that he did not
host his script/application directly in the package

- Asking if the people involved "doesn't have better things to spend
your time on", when one user and two TUs suggested that it might be a
good idea that the script/application was not hosted directly in the
package. An alternative PKGBUILD was even supplied, where the script
was hosted elsewhere.

In the end, after much back and forth, the comments for the
"popular-packages" package on AUR was filled with discussion about
where and how the script should be hosted, sprinkled with random
insults, with _nothing of interest what so ever_ for casual users that
just wanted to install the package. So, I deleted all the comments,
which is a decision I fully stand behind. There were only noise there.

There is also another mailing list thread for this particular case,
which should provide more than enough room for discussing this issue,
and which is a more appropriate place than the AUR package comments.

So, Kyle, sorry for deleting your comment, I found it better to delete
all of them than leaving just one strand of the discussion. Thank you
for your understanding.

Dave, don't be so quick to judge.

And Xyne, stick your hot coals elsewhere.

  Alexander Rødseth
  xyproto / TU

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