[aur-general] A TU keeps removing harmless and relevant comments from my package's webpage

Daniel Wallace danielwallace at gtmanfred.com
Tue Dec 18 05:37:34 EST 2012

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Xavion <xavion.0 at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi All,
>I had a feeling this matter would balloon out of proportion, so I took
>screenshot of the comments <http://i.imgur.com/nA5cK.png> before they
>deleted.  After these, the next two were supplied by Alexander
>before he wiped them all.  The first of these seems to be a bit
>petulant in
>my opinion.  It looks like he became a bit peeved and intimidated when
>mentioned being qualified.
>Alexander's (xyproto) first:
>> Your "well and truly qualified" statement is meaningless, unless you
>> aware of the qualifications of the people you talk to here, which I
>> you are not. It's also offtopic.
>> Fine.
>Alexander's (xyproto) second:
>> Removing all the comments, as they don't really add anything to the
>> information about the package.
>@ keenerd
>I didn't ignore your comment; I responded to it within a day.  You then
>ignored my comment!  You should get your facts straight before
>By the way, thanks for attempting to pick faults with eight of my
>overnight.  Forgive me for thinking that you've got even more spare
>time on
>your hands than Alexander does.  Also, where does it say on the
>that small Bash scripts must be housed outside of the tarball?  You've
>this change to my
>without noting where it states that doing so is mandatory.  I also
>don't think this should have happened because Alexander (xyproto)
>wrote in the comments linked above that I didn't actually have to make
>@ Dave & Xyne
>I appreciate your balanced comments.  It's good that you haven't taken
>side of the story and discarded the other.  I just want to note - for
>billionth time - that I didn't disregard official guidelines in the
>PKGBUILD.  A full explanation of this is available in the
>comments log.
>@ Alexander (xyproto)
>It's pretty obvious to all but the bleakest of minds that you deleted
>first round of comments because I defeated all of your arguments and
>you look silly.  There's no way you'll ever admit to this, which is why
>simply deemed the comments irrelevant instead.  Also, you have
>dodged the matter of the second round of comment deletions.  You've
>elaborated about your decision to delete the first round, which wasn't
>I was complaining about in the first place!  My issue was that someone
>deleted my next comment, which was the only one listed there at the
>"As I'm the author of this little script, I will always want it to
>in the AUR".  It will be interesting to see whether you have the balls
>admit to deleting this isolated comment as well.  The next step would
>for you to formulate a semi-plausible reason for doing so in an attempt
>trick anyone reading this thread.
>Regards, Xavion.

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