[aur-general] [orphan request] charles 3.6.3-1

Nicola Bignami nicola at kernel-panic.dnsdojo.net
Sat Jan 14 04:25:44 EST 2012

Il 14/01/2012 07:31, Ernie Brodeur ha scritto:
> So, the 45 days that lapsed since it's been flagged out of date isn't
> enough?
> Seems to me after 6 weeks, why bother?

Because it's the standard procedure and, beside this, it's unfair to 
disown a package without trying to contact its maintainer first.

> If not 6 weeks, what reasonable amount of time makes this step unnecessary?
> I want to fix the package, not deal with waiting on somebody else who may
> or may not get to it for another two weeks.

Maybe the maintainer itself may disown the package as soon you'll get in 
touch with him, so there's no need for a TU to disown it.
Maybe the the maintainer will provide the update.
Or maybe there will be silence for two weeks and a TU will disown the 

In any case, IMHO this is a fair procedure to get a package disowned and 
is good to stick with it.

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