[aur-general] Rename `identicurse` and `identicurse-nogit`

Psychedelic Squid psquid at psquid.net
Mon Jan 23 17:07:31 EST 2012

On 17/01/12 at 11:11pm, Psychedelic Squid wrote:
> Hey, just wondering what the best approach would be for renaming
> `identicurse` and `identicurse-nogit` to the more consistent (with other
> AUR packages) `identicurse-git` and`identicurse`, respectively. In particular,
> is there any way to prevent the current git users ending up on the new
> non-git package, given the old git package and the new non-git package would
> have the same name?

Apologies if this is awful mailing-list etiquette (though my
understanding is that, having waited a reasonable amount of time, it
isn't), but I was wondering whether my original email (6 days ago now)
had simply been overlooked, or actively ignored for breaking a rule
which I am currently unaware of. If it was the latter, I'd appreciate
knowing why (even if the reply, for whatever reason, had to be off-list)
so I can avoid making the same mistake in future.

Hm, since I'm writing a new mail already, I might as well add two small
bits of information that I now realise I omitted last time. Firstly, I'm
the maintainer of `identicurse-nogit`, but not of `identicurse` (and I
have no intention of taking over the git one unless timttmy _really_
doesn't want to maintain it any more). Secondly, the package URLs are:

  identicurse-nogit: <https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=47432>
  identicurse-git: <https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=42734>

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