[aur-general] Rename `identicurse` and `identicurse-nogit`

Alex Belanger i.caught.air at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 18:29:11 EST 2012

I'm not a Trusted User (they know much more stuff than I do about packages), but in my opinion the name choices were wrong in the first place.

You may want to go through the trouble of warning your users about the future name changes, then ask here to make it happen.

Of course it's annoying for the end-users but if its for the better... why not.

Most of us will quickly give a look in the AUR as soon as something break for an explanation. Just don't forget to write  about it in the comments.

Btw, does the other maintainer knows?

On Jan 23, 2012, at 5:07 PM, Psychedelic Squid <psquid at psquid.net> wrote:

> On 17/01/12 at 11:11pm, Psychedelic Squid wrote:
>> Hey, just wondering what the best approach would be for renaming
>> `identicurse` and `identicurse-nogit` to the more consistent (with other
>> AUR packages) `identicurse-git` and`identicurse`, respectively. In particular,
>> is there any way to prevent the current git users ending up on the new
>> non-git package, given the old git package and the new non-git package would
>> have the same name?
> Apologies if this is awful mailing-list etiquette (though my
> understanding is that, having waited a reasonable amount of time, it
> isn't), but I was wondering whether my original email (6 days ago now)
> had simply been overlooked, or actively ignored for breaking a rule
> which I am currently unaware of. If it was the latter, I'd appreciate
> knowing why (even if the reply, for whatever reason, had to be off-list)
> so I can avoid making the same mistake in future.
> Hm, since I'm writing a new mail already, I might as well add two small
> bits of information that I now realise I omitted last time. Firstly, I'm
> the maintainer of `identicurse-nogit`, but not of `identicurse` (and I
> have no intention of taking over the git one unless timttmy _really_
> doesn't want to maintain it any more). Secondly, the package URLs are:
>  identicurse-nogit: <https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=47432>
>  identicurse-git: <https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=42734>

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