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Sun Jun 10 15:25:59 EDT 2012

2012-06-10 16:57 keltezéssel, Daniel Wallace írta:
> On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 02:06:02PM +0800, Rashif Ray Rahman wrote:
>> On 10 June 2012 11:23, Daniel Wallace <daniel.wallace at gatech.edu> wrote:
>>> I don't really have any packages that I think
>>> really need to be pulled to community, maybe at some point later, but I would really like to
>>> start making zsh completion for a lot of packages which do not have it already.  I could start
>>> by maintaining the zathura plugins and the haskell-syb package.
>> So your main contribution as you see it now would be zsh completion?
>> --
>> GPG/PGP ID: C0711BF1
> I would consider that my biggest contribution in the form of code thus
> far, but I consider helping people in #archilnux to be a larger
> contribution.  I should also clarify the zsh completion stuff.  I have
> been working on a couple of different utilities and plan on submitting
> them upstream in the near future.


I can't see a strong reason why you want to be a trusted user, since the
main tasks are maintaining packages in [community] and managing AUR.
It's nice that you want to make zsh completion scripts (however, it's
generally an upstream task), but in a TU application, I would like to
see, what kind of packages that you interested in maintaining in the future.

What kind of packages are you interested in? Is there any popular
packages in AUR that you may want to maintain in [community] in the
future (even if it's not currently maintained by you)?


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