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Heiko Baums lists at baums-on-web.de
Fri Mar 2 09:12:57 EST 2012

Am Fri, 02 Mar 2012 10:22:46 -0300
schrieb Angel Velásquez <angvp at archlinux.org>:

> Heiko,
> I've always had several discussions with you, now Gaetan, and many
> people seems to have disagree with your opinion.

If they disagree with my opinion, they can happily explain why. I
explained my concerns. But I only got answers like "grow up", "not
officially supported", etc., not to mention the offences, particularly
those of Gaetan.

I don't say that I'm always right. And having concerns does not mean
that a person about whom I have concerns is really that bad. But it
means that one should have a closer look at him before he is fully
trusted. But what I have read in the answers looked rather like an
unreflecting hype.

And I also know that there are people who every now and then do agree
with me. Just the people who disagree are usually the loudest. And once
a TU even told me personally face to face that my comments are usually
worth reading. I don't remember it literally.

I also discovered several times, that I was offended here on the
mailing lists by a lot of people. But I still gave my arguments. And lo
and behold after a while the discussion got factual and it turned out
in the end that I wasn't so wrong and that I wasn't the only one with
this opinion.

So you indeed should sometimes think about my comments. I really don't
write so many times, at least I don't give so many times my concerns.
But if I give them, then there's usually a reason for that. Of course, I
can be wrong. But then explain it and don't tell me anything about I
should grow up and it was inappropriately or the like.

That's the point.

> A personal advice is when so much people are saying that you're wrong
> at least try to think about it and try to put on the otherside of the
> line.

Why? I mean, of course, I think about it, but only if I get some
reasonable arguments. On the other hand the fact that so many people
are saying that I'm wrong doesn't necessarily mean that I'm this wrong.
That can mean that those people are just the loudest and that those
people probably haven't thought about my arguments or even haven't read
them completely.

Like I said before, I'm certainly not always right, but sometimes.

> Gyorgy have good skills, and you personally are nothing to say that he
> doesn't have it,

Because I tried to install one of his packages, looked at those
PKGBUILDs, found several issues, and written comments about those
problems in the AUR. This was, btw., shortly before he has written his
TU application. So I didn't check his AUR packages because of his TU

And from those PKGBUILDs which indeed looked pretty weird I had my
concerns that he is probably not the right one for being a TU. That was
not meant personally, that was just because of what I saw.

> are you a TU? Dev? were you a Fellow, I don't
> remember on those sides, so please, stop complaining,

Where am I complaining? I gave my concerns about someone who has
written a TU application. And I said that either split package support
should be added to AUR or that split packages shouldn't be uploaded to
AUR. How is that complaining?

And, no, I'm neither a TU or a dev, yet. Does this mean that I mustn't
say my opinion? I don't think so. And that doesn't mean that I don't
have any knowledge.

> start
> contributing,

I already do this. 21 packages in AUR, a not too short part of the code
in /etc/rc.sysinit, a few lines - only a very few, I admit that - of
code in the vanilla kernel. Is this not contributing?

> if you can't do this, then you will be remembered always
> like the noising user who like to break our balls.

No, only people who either don't read my arguments completely, have
prejudices against me or just dislike me for whatever reason will
remember me as a noising user. Other people probably know that I'm not
just noising.

Like I said in another e-mail:
As the question, so the answer.


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