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thanks for the question.

> I looked at your AUR packages and saw that you are maintaining the
> unity desktop. I never used this desktop environment, but as a
> curiosity is it something you want to eventually bring into [community] ?

I worked a lot on making Unity and indicators usable on Arch Linux, but
I don't want to add any of these packages[1] into [community], because
Ubuntu heavily patched gtk2, gtk3[2], metacity and compiz, and it's
impossible to build and/or use some packages with the upstream,
unmodified packages. They patched a lot of other packages also for
better integration into the panel and the launcher.

So if GNOME developers accept some must have patches, then I could
imagine to add these packages, but until it does not happen, it's better
to keep them in a separated repo. (However I'm not sure that Ubuntu sent
all required patches to upstream yet.)

[1] Nearly all packages in ubuntu-unity and apps-unity directories on
[2] E.g.: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=658563

György Balló

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