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Balló György ballogyor at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 11:13:11 EST 2012

> Is there a separate repo? Do you intend to start one otherwise? I
> would really like to see unity accessible for Arch users.

Unity 2D is available in my [ayatana] repo[1] along with indicators. To
provide x86_64 packages, I'll need a build server.

Unity is a more difficult task, because it depends on a forked compiz
0.9, and I unable get it working with the upstream xorg-server.
Chenxiaolong[2] works also on making Unity available for Arch Linux. His
packages are mostly based on mine, but he maintain much more patched
packages (including xorg-server, glib, even if not all patches are
really needed), which makes his repo more risky.

[1] http://ayatana.info/
[2] https://github.com/chenxiaolong/Unity-for-Arch

György Balló

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