[aur-general] Merge / deletion requests: weasyprint and python3-decorator

Simon Sapin simon.sapin at kozea.fr
Sun Mar 18 07:07:39 EDT 2012

Le 17/03/2012 18:52, Ike Devolder a écrit :
> in my oppinion it is worth it, there are people around who dont want any
> python3 stuff on their pc until they can move everything
> now your weasyprint combined package pulls a lot of stuff, it is simple
> in a way that it will always work but you have a*lot*  of overhead there

Ok I can understand that.

> so personally i would consider the following:
> - have python-weasyprint with renamed binary python-weasyprint
> - have python2-weasyprint with renamed binary python2-weasyprint
> - have weasyprint with only a binary weasyprint which can start any of
>    the previous

Again, I don’t think multiple binaries are useful.

> *or*
> - have python-weasyprint only with libs, no binary
> - have python2-weasyprint only with libs, no binary
> - have weasyprint which can 'decide' which of the above is installed
>    and run it with /usr/bin/python or /usr/bin/python2
>    attached a possibility to switch to the installed version

python{,2}-weasyprint packages with only libs sound good. I only use it 
as a lib myself; I added the command-line interface because it was easy. 
Actually, it’s probably better to have a long-lived python process than 
to pay the start-up cost every time, even in a non-python application.

As for the third package, would it depend on one or the other lib package?

I found two patterns in existing packages in [community]:

* python-pygments just removes /usr/bin/pygmentize (python2-pygments has it)
* python2-sphinx renames eg. /usr/bin/sphinx-build to sphinx-build2, but 
I guess it could be important to have both if Sphinx need to import the 
documented code.

Simon Sapin

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