[aur-general] iceweasel md5sum problem

Martti Kühne mysatyre at gmail.com
Thu May 10 20:13:09 EDT 2012

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 07:55:00PM +0200, Jorge Barroso wrote:
> Thanks to all of you, those are my first packages as you should know and
> I'm using the proto of /usr/share/pacman to make the pkgbuild, so I'm using
> those arrays I think I can use for any package, but I didn't know that ()
> will confuse makepkg (so sensitive...), I'll try to correct it.

actually, bash syntax is something to be really careful with if one isn't too
familiar with it. [1] gives you some funny examples about it, I also recommend
to read [2] - it's a great read and will help you greatly to get work done in
the shell cli without having to rely on GUIs all the time.
Also, this:

martti at deepthought:~$ e=(abc)
martti at deepthought:~$ echo $e

In our case there is another possible source of errors, which is makepkg,
and if it would actually break on something it may be considered a bug in some,
but it might simply turn out to be a non-trivial edge case in other cases.
I'd actually find it interesting to figure out more of this just to see if I
can break it... :)

> The md5sums in the pastebin is different because it has been changing
> between two different outputs anytime I did makepkg -g, but even now that
> it is not changing, and the makepkg -g output is ever the same, it stills
> not accepting it.

Something odd may be going on with your hardware or os. Not sure where, but if
memtest doesn't find errors, consider checking your disk with smartmontools and
try rkhunter, just in case. md5 is supposed to be an empirical checksum, not a
dice roll.

> Jesse, I'll try then to use that PKGBUILD, I looked for it, because I
> suposed it should exist, but as I didn't find it, I downloaded the package
> and modified the .PKGINFO file. Thanks for your help with that PKGBUILD. I
> know archlinux is a non libre system, and that's not bad at all because,
> for example, flash it's very usefull nowadays, because gnash has a lot of
> things to improve to be a serious subtitute, but, ever I can, I try to use
> free software (if it has not great problems, like gnash taking my earlier
> example), and Iceweasel with iceweasel-sync it's as good and fast as
> firefox, so... I liked it and thought about submitting it :)

just fyi, the mozilla license is listed as being less restrictive than gnu gpl.


[1] http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashParser
[2] http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide
[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_free_and_open_source_software_licenses

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