[aur-general] Not the way to go: teamviewer and teamviewer-stable

Christian Stadegaart e-mail at bewust-leven.nl
Mon May 28 14:57:58 EDT 2012

I noticed that tlm created teamviewer-stable package since, in his 
opinion Hilinus, the current maintainer of Teamviewer isn't doing a good 

I think this is not the way it should go.

In my opinion, if Hilinus isn't maintaining properly, the package should 
be orphaned and then maintained by someone else, perhaps tlm. There 
probably is a standard protocol for these kind of issues.

The current way creates a mess in the AUR.

See this comment on Teamviewer:

Comment by: tlm on Mon, 28 May 2012 13:56:52 +0000
This package is out of date and seems the maintainer doesn't care. I've 
uploaded a "teamviewer-stable" package. Please use that instead.



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