[aur-general] Naming convention for Python 2 and 3 apps

Karol Woźniak wozniakk at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 01:09:50 EST 2012

OK, I'm back for a moment, so, as a maintainer of flake8 package, I guess I
should write something here
(and hope gmail won't mess the nesting. I still don't know how it works

Coming to think about it, there IS a library in flake8. I mean, most people
will just run the exec and be fine, but if you really need, you can import
things from flake8 package and run it from inside the interpreter (which is
what the exec does, anyway).
That said, I think the closest follow up for us are python(2)-pip packages
from [extra]. So, while I was a bit against it, I now think the best thing
we can do is to pick up the python(2)-* convention.

That still leaves one issue, though. To allow the packages to coexist, we
should rename python2 exec to "flake82". Maybe it's just me, but it looks
weird. And besides that, I don't know how other apps (e.g. syntax checking
plugins for editors) using flake8 will behave. Syntastic has a way to
change the exec used for checking, but I don't know about the others.

Xyne wrote:

>While we're on the subject, can someone please explain to me again why we
>"python-" and not "python3-" for Python 3 libraries?

This way, if py4 ever comes out, this will make us a new bunch of mess and
a whole lot of work to do again. Isn't that great?

Karol "Kenji Takahashi" Woźniak <http://kenji.sx>

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