[aur-general] Merge request: teamspeak/teamspeak3

Slash demodevil at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 14:31:25 EDT 2012

I'm the original creator of the TS2 and TS3 PKGBUILDs. The reason they are
numbered like that (rather than just a "teamspeak" package) is because TS3
was a complete rewrite from TS2. The magnitude of the rewrite was
significant enough that people still preferred or, for whatever reason, had
to continue using TS2. It's almost like a completely different program, not
a simple version bump. There was also a long period of time where the TS3
package was beta, so it didn't make sense to make it the de-facto
"teamspeak" package. That being said, at this point, the TS3 package should
probably just be called "teamspeak".

However, the creation of the "teamspeak" PKGBUILD was inappropriate. Sabaku
should have requested ownership of "teamspeak3", then moved/renamed it to
"teamspeak" so two different people aren't maintaining the same software. I
believe the package naming scheme is a secondary matter. Users shouldn't be
willingly duplicating effort like this ("teamspeak" is a copy of
"teamspeak3" with modifications, so ignorance cannot be claimed). We should
not be encouraging users to simply clone current PKGBUILDs under a
different name because they think it's named wrong. They should open up a
discussion on the current package and work it out with the current
maintainer. "teamspeak" (the copy) should be deleted from the AUR and the
exact naming scheme can be figured out by whoever is left and able to
maintain the PKGBUILDs.



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