[aur-general] Big merge/remove request

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Mon Aug 19 11:06:15 EDT 2013

On 2013-08-19 12:37 +0200
Xorg wrote:

>This request concerns AUR package darling-git. When this package was 
>written for first time, his dependencies (an AUR group called 
>gnustep-clang-git) were on Git. But today, these dependencies use SVN, 
>so we use group gnustep-clang-svn instead of gnustep-clang-git. 
>gnustep-clang-git is useless alone, and a bit obsolete.
>Please merge :
>- gnustep-base-clang-git in gnustep-base-clang-svn
>- gnustep-corebase-clang-git in gnustep-corebase-clang-svn
>- gnustep-gui-clang-git in gnustep-gui-clang-svn
>- gnustep-libobjc2-clang-git in gnustep-libobjc2-clang-svn
>- gnustep-make-clang-git in gnustep-make-clang-svn
>And please remove :
>- gnustep-opal-clang-git
>Because we don't use it anyway («Skip Opal, as it is not working anyway» 
>: http://darling.dolezel.info/en/Build/Ubuntu#GNUstep_Opal), so there 
>will not be a gnustep-opal-clang-svn package.
>Thanks a lot in advance.

done, thanks

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