[aur-general] Changes in Arch packaging standards

Sergej Pupykin ml at sergej.pp.ru
Fri Dec 6 04:45:24 EST 2013

At Fri, 06 Dec 2013 09:42:11 +0001,
Maxime Gauduin <alucryd at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 
> I would change that rule a bit, because wxgtk is a special case. The 
> 2.9 branch is a devel branch, keeping wxgtk for the stable branch and 
> adding a suffix for the devel branch makes sense. Speaking of wxgtk, 
> now that 3.0.0 is out, we will most likely need to get rid of wxgtk29 
> and create a legacy wxgtk28 package.
> Anyway, imho the rule should be: use plain name for the latest stable 
> release, and add the appropriate suffix (usually 1 or 2 digits) for any 
> other release.

I prefer leave all things as is without any new rules. There are
packages that have multiple stable branches.

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