[aur-general] FYI: PKGBUILDs in Ohloh

Johannes Dewender arch at jonnyjd.net
Tue Jan 29 03:18:19 EST 2013


A collection of multiple PKGBUILD repositories (from multiple users!) is 
listed at this Ohloh project:
Feel free to add your own, but not aur-mirror.git (see below)

long story:

I like Ohloh for an overview of open source contributions and realized 
that I spend quite some time packaging.
Actually more than working on (released) oss software.

So I wanted to add my PKGBUILD repo to Ohloh.
Adding every PKGBUILD repo as an extra project (like some already have) 
didn't seem fitting, since most of them are part of a general "project".
So I created:

The purpose is to track overall activity in AUR PKGBUILDs in a way that 
preserves authorship.
I certainly know of http://pkgbuild.com/git/aur-mirror.git/
However, that didn't seem fitting since commits were automated (which is 
no "natural" repo anymore) and more important: commit authorship and 
"real" authorship is in no correlation.

So please don't add aur-mirror.git or other automated repositories.
"other automated" also means repositories that are "bumped" often in 
order to trigger some kind of vcs-package rebuild or similar.

DO feel free to add your PKGBUILD repo, though.

I already added a couple of "bigger" repos I knew of.
"bigger" in that case is with lots of commits.
Adding 600 repositories with 5 commits each doesn't help much (don't 
even know if there is a limit for "enlistements" on Ohloh)
so please don't just add all 600 PKGBUILD repos on Github.
Unless it is your own and you really are interested.

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